4d and a architects is a professional practice involved in domestic, commercial and industrial architecture. we provide quality service and customer responsiveness and @ the same time contribute to the environment by being sensitive to the surroundings. we provide architecture that defines and encloses space, being both functional and aesthetic.

Green Building Council: Reliable architectural services

Welcome to the Green Building Council! We provide reliable architectural services that will get you safe and quality buildings and structures. Our professional services involve domestic, commercial and industrial architectures. The name Green Building Council means that we build architectural structures while being sensitive to the surrounding environment.

Systematic architectural services

Green Building Council Architects provide a variety of services that brings functionality and aesthetics to any space. All of our architectural services follow a series of stages to ensure that the outcome of the project is according to the preferences of the client without hindering the functionality and quality of the structure. 

We ensure that we get a thorough pre-construction interview to determine what and how long it will take to make your desired space become a reality. The interview will help us plan the project in a way that will exceed your expectations.

With our years of experience, the Green Building Council has proved that constructing projects will take longer than it should if not enough attention was put into making the timeline and schedule of activities. We can assure you that even if some of the finishing touches need months to complete, there are no surprises that may hinder or slow down the project.

Green Building Council’s systematic architectural services only consist of 3 steps: consultation, construction and completion. All you have to do is to contact us so we can plan the designs, costing and construction of the project. Then, our team will take care of all the construction with constant updates and coordination with you. After the construction is complete, you can now move in and enjoy the new lifestyle and comfort you deserve!

Quality and safe architectures

Green Building Council strives to provide not just carefully designed spaces but also the quality and safe structures that can withstand severe weather conditions and calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes and so on. Whether you want to redesign or construct a hospital, office, campus, shop or house, we guarantee the best outcome and timely completion of the project!

About Green Building Council

At the Green Building Council, we make sure to design buildings and places to achieve a simple, efficient and beautiful space. Our team consists of skilled and experienced architects who aim to shape a better world through quality and aesthetically pleasing spaces that people can enjoy every day.

Contact us

To get a quote, simply create an account or talk with one of our representatives. If you have any questions, concerns or inquiries, simply go to our contact page and fill out the form presented to you. Please make sure that you provide us with valid and active contact details so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to have an immediate answer to a common inquiry, you can go to our dedicated FAQ section and see if we have already answered your question. We look forward to serving you soon!